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High standards

Never apologize for having high standards—we don’t. Everything we do and create reflects our commitment to your skin and the environment.


We’re committed to providing you with the highest-quality education when it comes to clean and effective beauty, so you’re empowered to make better choices for yourself and the planet.

Clean beauty

Let’s make clean beauty the new standard. Together, let’s build a world where our shoulds become our musts.

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The Complete
Clean Beauty Resource

Do you know what’s in your beauty products?

Every day we use about a dozen products containing more than 150 ingredients. Many of these products use harmful ingredients. Currently, the United States only bans and restricts 30 ingredients.

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  • 30U.S.-banned or restricted

    The U.S. has not passed major federal legislation governing the cosmetics industry since 1938.

  • 1,300+E.U.-banned

    EU leads the way, banning or restricting more than 1,300 for cosmetic use.

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    • Steph Shep

      Steph Shep


      “There’s a lot of power being a consumer - more power than we think.”

    • Shara Ticku

      Shara Ticku

      C16 Biosciences

      “Consumer demand will require brands to increase transparency and to pick ingredients the are better for people and the planet.”

    • Jaime Nack

      Jaime Nack

      Three Squares Inc.

      "It's best to say 'no thanks' to items you don't need - like straws, utensils, and single-use containers. Not using them in the first place is infinitely better than recycling them."

    • Tom Szaky

      Tom Szaky


      “What we buy is an active vote for the future we want.”

    • Kelly Cramer

      Kelly Cramer

      Lead & Director,

      “Packaging serves an important purpose, but it’s important to be mindful about your consumption and shop from brands who prioritize sustainable packaging.”

    • Barb Paldus

      Barb Paldus

      CEO & Founder,
      Codex Beauty

      “There’s no excuse to not be sustainable. It’s the question of when and how, and you adjust your profitability and financial model. “

    • Jonathan Van Ness

      Jonathan Van Ness

      Beauty Expert, Celebrity and Biossance Ambassador

      “Clean beauty is a difficult place to navigate. It’s important for us to know that the ingredients we’re using are safe for us and the planet.”

    • Hyram Yarbro

      Hyram Yarbro

      Skincare YouTube Creator and Expert

      "I’m excited to be a part of Clean Academy to help educate people how they can be more mindful when choosing products and ingredients."

    • McKenzie Bolt

      McKenzie Bolt

      Aesthetician & Global Education Manager,

      “There are a ton of ingredients out there. Clean Academy is here to help you understand them and how your favorite products actually work for your skin.”

    • Sasha Plavsic

      Sasha Plavsic


      “There are more brands on the market and more people trying clean beauty. Clean Academy is an excellent resource for those starting their clean beauty journey.”

    • Ramya Viswanathan

      Ramya Viswanathan

      Senior Product Development Manager,

      "Today, we're mindful about what we eat and how ingredients affect our health. We should have that same mindset when selecting our skincare."

    • Cara Bondi

      Cara Bondi

      VP Product Development + Regulatory,
      Ursa Major Skincare

      “It is so important that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.”

    • Mercedes Taylor

      Mercedes Taylor

      Product Innovation Manager,
      Youth To The People

      “You don’t have to be a chemist in order to learn about skincare ingredients and how to incorporate them into your routine.”

    • Deanne Zirker

      Deanne Zirker

      Clean Skincare Training Manager,

      "The efficacy is there with clean beauty. It’s come so far over the years.”

    • Nneka Leiba

      Nneka Leiba

      Vice President,
      Environmental Working Group (EWG)

      “In order to become a clean beauty shopper, you need to understand what’s in your products.”

    • Debbie Levin

      Debbie Levin

      Environmental Media Association (EMA)

      “It’s important people understand sustainability and feel energized to make changes in their lives. Personal decisions really do count.”

    • Tara Foley

      Tara Foley

      Founder & CEO,

      “It’s empowering to know how ingredients in products are going to affect our bodies, our families and the planet.”

    • Denise Bidot

      Denise Bidot

      Fashion Model & Body Positivity Activist

      “I feel better and more confident when I know the ingredients that I’m using.”

    • Teresa Lo

      Teresa Lo

      Senior Director of Marketing,

      "Everything that’s created or done, should keep you and the planet in mind.”

    • Ashlee Nunes

      Ashlee Nunes


      “It’s important to educate consumers so they can make the best decisions for themselves.”

    • Tricia Trimble

      Tricia Trimble

      President and Founder,
      Suntegrity Skincare

      “I want to help people make really healthy choices for themselves and the environment.”

    • Tiila Abbitt

      Tiila Abbitt

      Aether Beauty

      “I’m excited to share my passion for clean beauty. You can have products that are good for you, your skin and the planet.”

    • Catherine Gore

      Catherine Gore


      “Did you know that your clearest, brightest, and healthiest skin yet can and should be from clean skincare? Learning more about non-toxic formulas in our industry with clinical power are a click away.”