Biossance +
Plastic Pollution Coaltion

Biossance + Plastic Pollution Coaltion

At Biossance, we know that single-use plastics are a big problem for both people and the planet.

We want the world to know, too. So, we've partnered with Plastic Pollution Coalition, an influential and action-oriented organization, to spread the word and incite change--with the help of clean beauties like you.

Why the plastic
pollution coalition?

Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is a growing global alliance of more than 700 organizations, businesses and thought leader in 60 countires working toward a world free of plastic pollution. They help reduce pollution caused by single-use plastics through inspiring action and putting donations to work.


The Plastic Pollution Coalition is paving the way for better policies and awareness to ensure that the world is free of plastic pollution’s toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways, oceans and the environment. That effort has inspired us to support the movement by endorsing positive, lasting change. Together with the PPC, Biossance is committed to minimizing our collective, plastic waste footprint.


Interested in making change happen? Reduce your own plastic usage and support the movement to eliminate plastic pollution.

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