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Breast Cancer Prevention Partners works to implement our Theory of Change, employing multiple strategic activities that result in reduced exposure to toxic chemicals with a goal to greatly reduce rates of breast cancer.

We work to build the base of public support necessary to convince policymakers to oppose the powerful chemical industry, get the supply chain cooperation needed to change markets, and educate consumers on why they should want and demand safer products.

Key Accomplishments

  • 33 major scientific studies and reports published
  • 11 laws enacted, from banning phthalates in kids toys to safer personal care products and cleaning products to medical radiation safety
  • 1st in the nation to pass California’s cleaning product ingredient disclosure legislation
  • 1st to develop a comprehensive breast cancer primary prevention plan for CA
  • 5 multinational corporations influenced by BCPP to adopt safer chemical policies including Campbells, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever

Did you know?

  • $84 billion: size of US cosmetics industry
  • 85,000+: the number of chemicals on the market available for use in U.S.
  • 2,000: approximate number of new chemicals
  • 11: number of ingredients prohibited or restricted by the FDA
  • 1938: the last time the US passed a cosmetics law

Women Leading the Way




Role: I get to collaborate with an incredible team and community of conscious businesses, philanthropists and advocates to initiate systemic change to reduce breast cancer risk and greatly improve the health of women and our environment.

Tip: Go minimal. Choose fewer items with quality natural ingredients and health enhancing properties. Avoid “fragrance”. I want everything I put on my skin to be practically edible!

Angela Ng

Angela Ng

Development Coordinator, Foundation & Donor Relations

Role: I coordinate BCPP’s grant reporting, proposals, and communications to foundations and large donors. With my background in art, I also work on our social media graphics and cartoons.

Tip: Read the ingredient label! Start small – don’t get overwhelmed. Begin with a manageable sized list of hazardous chemicals you should avoid in your products; as your brain starts to memorize those names and you get used to looking out for those chemicals, slowly add more to your ‘Ingredients to Avoid’ list.

Erika Wilhelm

Erika Wilhelm

Marketing Manager

Role: When it comes to marketing at BCPP, I’m in the “in-house” everything. I wear many hats in my day-to-day, focusing on spearheading all creative outward facing communications and marketing initiatives, with a goal of inspiring women through social impact.

Tip: I am not a scientist and most of the complex chemical names on a product label look like Greek to me. So want to know my top tip? Use easy apps and online sources like EWG Skin Deep, Made Safe and/or Think Dirty to check and see if what you want to purchase contains toxic ingredients!


Join Biossance + BCPP in creating a healthier world by protecting our families, our communities and future generations from toxic harm.

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