No Compromise, Mama

As a mother myself, I know that having kids is simultaneously the most rewarding and toughest job you’ll ever have. With all those sleepless nights, tantrums and teenage years also comes the first steps, meaningful milestones and that adorable smile (no matter how old they get). In the midst of all of the compromises motherhood presents, good skin shouldn’t be one of them.

Our No Compromise Beauty™ approach means that you deserve skincare that you can count on to be clean, efficacious and easy to use, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. Enter, Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum. This multi-functional powerhouse keeps your overwhelmed skin looking like it doesn’t have a care in the world. How? With the magic of bakuchiol—a plant-derived retinol alternative found to give the same great results as retinol, but without the irritating side-effects.

Through clinical studies it was discovered that bakuchiol (derived from the Indian Babchi plant) helped diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles while visibly improving firmness. It also showed something else, that instead of making skin more sensitive to the sun, bakuchiol actually helped make the skin less sensitive. So instead of having yet another thing to worry about, you can use our bakuchiol-containing Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum day or night without fear of sun sensitivity—unlike retinol.

Is Bakuchiol Safe for Pregnancy

One question moms and moms-to-be often ask us about our Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum is whether it’s safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. What we always recommend with any product you apply to your skin during this time is to check with your doctor to determine if bakuchiol is safe during your pregnancy. What we can tell you is that bakuchiol, the ingredient that provides retinol-like effects, doesn’t have the same structural resemblance to retinol or retinoids, so doesn’t have the same issues.

Whether your kids are in diapers, off to college or you still have a bun in the oven, you never stop wanting to give them the cleanest, healthiest best. So why not do the same for yourself? Start with a simple, clean beauty routine—because you know, mom knows best.

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Mollie Jensen


My lifelong obsession with the world of beauty started at an early age and kicked off right out of high school as a makeup artist. My dreams of being the next big thing in Hollywood took a detour as I discovered esthetics and became fascinated with how the skin functions. From there I worked post-operatively with patients in a burn trauma unit, helping them care for their skin and conceal their scars. This led to product formulation and the world of aromatherapy where I began my career in product development. As a consultant for several years working with many startups, I quickly became the go-to in helping launch and rebrand product lines, my specialties in product formulation, regulatory compliant copywriting and building cohesive brand personalities. My love of natural and sustainable beauty led me to Biossance, where I happily reside as Senior Marketing Manager for new product development.

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