World Oceans Day Update: Our Partnership with Oceana

by Christine Tusher June 08, 2023

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At Biossance, ocean conservation is part of our DNA. As we celebrate World Oceans Day, we wanted to pause to pay special attention to the important work of our sustainability partner, Oceana.

What is Oceana? 

As the world’s largest international advocacy group focused solely on ocean conservation, Oceana is working to protect sensitive habitats and help restore our oceans’ biodiversity and abundance.

Oceana was established by a group of leading foundations — The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), Sandler Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund — after a 1999 study they commissioned discovered that less than 0.5% of all resources spent by environmental nonprofit groups in the United States went to ocean advocacy.

No organization was working exclusively to protect and restore the oceans on a global scale. Oceana’s founders wanted to fill that gap, so they created an international organziation focused solely on oceans, dedicated towards achieving real change through goal-driven, science-backed policy campaigns. 

Oceana has achieved more than 275 policy victories and protected 4 million square miles of ocean since its founding. 

Why Have We Partnered with Them?

For generations, beauty products were fortified with squalane - an exceptional moisturizer naturally found in human skin - sourced from shark livers. Our team of Berkeley scientists discovered how to engineer a plant-based version of squalene - called squalane -  from fermenting sustainable sugarcane.

This new, ethically-sourced and vegan squalane is a molecular match for the moisture found in our skin. Our squalane is purer, more stable, effective, and sustainable than shark squalane and it doesn’t have the environmental impact of the other traditional alternative, olive-derived squalane. Compared to olive-derived squalane, sugarcane squalane reduces land use 600-fold and minimizes environmental impact and water usage. 

Our mission of science-driven, sustainable beauty beautifully compliments Oceana’s policy-driven approach. 

How Has Our Partnership Made a Difference?

When we started working together in 2020, our partnership was a natural match. With our community’s help (that means you!) we’ve been able to donate more than $500,000 to Oceana so far to support campaigns like banning the shark fin trade in the U.S., advocating for species-specific management plans, and reducing deaths from bycatch.

Learn more about our partnership

How You Can Help?

You can support Oceana’s important work by donating to them directly, making a roundup donation during checkout at, or by purchasing one of our limited edition Oceana products and sets.

To celebrate National Oceans Day, we’ve launched our new, limited edition Hydration on Deck Set with 5% of sales going to Oceana. With an outer carton made from tree-free paper and bottles made of glass and recyclable plastic, Hydration on Deck features two full-sized products with a limited-edition shark-themed design: Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum and Omega Repair Cream.

We’ve also collaborated with Oceana to release our new, limited edition Jumbo 100% Squalane Oil. Our sustainable vegan squalane helps save millions of sharks each year and provides weightless hydration for body, hair, and face. The limited-edition packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and celebrates our commitment to ocean conservation with 5% of sales donated to Oceana.

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Christine Tusher

Christine Tusher
Christine Tusher


As a lifestyle writer and journalist, I’m excited to bring my passion for storytelling to Biossance as an Engagement Content Writer. Two things you should know about me: I have a deep love of the ocean (especially sharks) and I’m obsessed with clean beauty. My bathroom cabinet is literally overflowing with my many-layered sustainable skincare routine. This combo is what led me to buy my first bottle of Vitamin C Rose Oil. I was so impressed by the way it improved my skin that I wanted to shout this brand from the rooftops. Three years later, and here I am doing just that. I’m excited to be on this journey of clean beauty innovation with Biossance, and to share it with you here on the blog.

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