Nontoxic Relationships

We take your clean beauty seriously. Which is why we’ve partnered with two organizations dedicated to uncovering the truth about toxic ingredients in your beauty products: EWG® and Think Dirty.®
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Beyond Beauty: Living Greener + Cleaner

We hope our recent clean beauty blog posts and Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet have been valuable resources in navigating the (often complicated) world of clean beauty. But why stop there? Think about all the things you come in contact with every day (Laundry soap! Your clothes! Water bottles!) From fashion to feminine care, learn about ways to make your life just a bit greener and cleaner from our like-minded brand friends.
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Women in Clean Beauty

What if I told you that the US bans only 11 beauty ingredients (compared to around 1,400 ingredients in Europe and 2,000+ in all of our products)? Better believe it. But things are quickly changing thanks to these innovative women in clean beauty who are driven to change the status quo. They are fearlessly leading the way to cleaner, non-toxic beauty products for everyone. See what inspires me and these amazing women, learn great tips for shopping cleaner, and much more.
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How to Read a Beauty Ingredient Label

Once upon a time, people rarely noticed ingredient labels on food packaging. But by now, it’s probably second nature (hold on, there’s how much sugar in this?!?) But what about the ingredient labels on your beauty products? If you’ve ever flipped over the box, struggling to understand what those ingredients actually mean, you are not alone. We’re here to make things a little easier – here are some tips to better understand beauty ingredient labels.
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5 Beauty Ingredients You Should Absolutely Avoid (and Why)

There are certain beauty ingredients you’ve probably heard are best to avoid (like parabens and phthalates,) but you may not know why. Some ingredients actually sound positive (like fragrance,) and others are probably new to you (…like what’s a PEG?) Here are our top 5 ingredients you should avoid, and why.
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