Why Exfoliate?

Our skin is pretty amazing, isn’t it? We bump it, bruise it and often abuse it, but there it is, always our number one protector. But as like everything else, as we get older it can get a little sluggish. Read on to learn how to give it a boost.
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Proud to be Clean at Sephora

The beauty industry is changing. Consumers are voting with their wallets and telling brands exactly what they want in their products—and what they don’t. At Biossance, we’ve been leading the clean beauty charge since day one. This is why we’re so incredibly proud to be part of Clean at Sephora—a new category of products that have been verified to be free from 12 ingredients that consumers no longer want in their personal care products.
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Sephora’s SDCA 2017 Event: We Got Lifted in Las Vegas

In August, we had the honor to be asked to participate in Sephora’s Store Director Conference of the Americas (SDCA), one of the most important conferences of the year for Sephora’s store directors and field leadership.
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