Tea Tree, to the Power of 3

What’s better than one amazing new product? Three! You’ve heard about Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil, and now we’d like to introduce you to its perfect partners: Squalane + Tea Tree Cleansing Gel and Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask. This trifecta of amazing tea tree goodness helps balance oil, detoxify impurities and visibly clear imperfections—all without stripping the skin. The result is a soft, smooth and radiantly clarified complexion.
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Looking for a Little Balance?

We’re so excited about our new Squalane + Tea Tree line that we’re giving you a big sneak peek with an early launch. Introducing, Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil. What is this, you ask? It’s a skin calming, oil balancing and deeply purifying face oil that destresses your complexion and leaves you with less shine and a boost of radiance.

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Proud to be Clean at Sephora

The beauty industry is changing. Consumers are voting with their wallets and telling brands exactly what they want in their products—and what they don’t. At Biossance, we’ve been leading the clean beauty charge since day one. This is why we’re so incredibly proud to be part of Clean at Sephora—a new category of products that have been verified to be free from 12 ingredients that consumers no longer want in their personal care products.
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Save the Fishes... And Your Skin.

We all know that sunscreen is a vital part of keeping your skin healthy and protected, but did you know that the type you use is equally important? Read on to learn more about how to choose the right sun protection for the health of the oceans and your skin.
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SPF Myths…Busted

We’re here to dispel a few myths and misconceptions about sunscreen. Because, you know, sunscreen is important. Read on to learn more.
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