Show Yourself Some Love

Love is in the air. Self-love, that is. Whether you call it self-love or self-care, we’re head over heels for this movement that’s all about treating yourself a little bit better. Read on for a few ways we recommend practicing self-love.
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The New Normal

The new normal is making those positive changes for your skin—and the environment. It’s replacing the bad-for-you with the best-for-you. It’s choosing products with only good ingredients, the highest standards and the best results. It’s making a statement to the world about how you want to be treated.
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Smells Like Plant Spirit - The Essence of Essential Oils

Essential oils smell wonderful, but have you ever wondered what they are and what, exactly, they do? Read on to find out more about these powerful ingredients.
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Sephora’s SDCA 2017 Event: We Got Lifted in Las Vegas

In August, we had the honor to be asked to participate in Sephora’s Store Director Conference of the Americas (SDCA), one of the most important conferences of the year for Sephora’s store directors and field leadership.
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Why Expecting & New Moms Love Biossance

Hi, I’m Irene, the Biossance Brand Manager and new mom in town. My skincare regimen took a pretty drastic turn once I became pregnant (have you heard of our Blacklist?) so I’m here to share my mom-to-be and new mom beauty secrets.
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