It All Started With Sharks

by Beth Wischnia June 29, 2020

Ever since Biossance began, we’ve been on a mission to save the ocean’s apex predators. This species has long been hunted for its squalene, an oil in their livers used in skincare and makeup products. As a vegan alternative, our scientists pioneered renewable sugarcane-derived squalane. Thanks to this innovation, 2 million of these critical members of the ocean ecosystem are saved every year. Read more about squalane. 

That’s how the Biossance brand began—with a biotechnology breakthrough that turned the tide on shark-liver harvesting, creating the mega-moisturizing molecule you’ll find in each and every one of our products today. All of our products are formulated and produced with marine conservation in mind—our SPF 30 sunscreen is powered by reef-safe zinc oxide, and every product comes in packaging that’s recyclable and sustainably made.

To further commit to protecting our oceans, we are honored to kick off a partnership with Oceana, an organization making changes at the global policy scale on issues such as overfishing, plastic pollution, protecting aquatic habitats, and preserving marine animal species. Starting June 8, you can help us help them by rounding up your order on to donate to this important initiative. Shop to donate.

Introducing the Clean Academy Impact Award
As part of our commitment to oceanic conservation, we’re kicking off a new program to recognize and reward all those fighting to rehabilitate our marine ecosystem. We’ll be awarding two $10,000 grants to budding scientists, anti-plastic crusaders, and whale warriors to help fund their conservation passion project. Winners will even have a chance to be mentored by the Biossance team. Enter to win.


Beth Wischnia

Beth Wischnia
Beth Wischnia


My industry experience includes years as a beauty editor and leading content for a wide range of skincare and makeup brands. Those experiences led me to Biossance—I was introduced to the brand on an editor press trip in 2017 and instantly fell in love. I toured the labs, created my own 100% Squalane with essential oils, and noticed a dramatic difference in my skin by introducing clean products (especially the Vitamin C Rose Oil) to my regimen. I’m excited to be on this journey with Biossance and be at the forefront of clean beauty innovation.

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Those with skin hyperpigmentation used to have only one ingredient to rely on. Then came Vitamin C serums, which made progress, delivering a boost of brightening as well as firmness, and bounce but they were difficult to layer under other skincare products and sometimes even caused irritation and breakouts. Our precisely calibrated Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum takes traditional C serums one step further with a unique form of vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid and a magic 10% concentration.
We Joined the United Nations Global Compact
We Joined the United Nations Global Compact

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Amyris (Biossance’s parent company) is an official member of the United Nations Global Compact, a strategy that supports a set of defined sustainability goals to achieve a better future and healthier planet for all.
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