International Women’s Day

by Mollie Jensen March 08, 2019

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on three boss beauties that are blazing new paths for Biossance. Here, they share their favorite pieces of advice, their biggest sources of inspiration, and of course, their most beloved products. Mothers, innovators, role models—these are just a few of the women that bring brains and boldness to Biossance on this special day and every day.

  • Name: Catherine Gore
  • Job title (quick ‘in your words’ blurb explaining what you do): Biossance President. My role is to define our brand strategy for the future, ensure we have an amazing team that is growing and having FUN, develop innovative products, and help the vision of clean beauty come to life for all.
  • Advice that helped me realize my vision: “Don’t ever get drunk at the Christmas party”. 😊 But seriously, you can spend a lifetime building your reputation and can lose it in a minute. Consistency is key.
  • A woman you admire, and why: My mom, she is by far my greatest inspiration. She carried a unique combination of grace, kindness and elegance that I will forever draw inspiration from.  She had a smile etched into her eyes.
  • Best life decision you've made so far: Meeting and marrying my husband Tom. He’s a southern gentleman that’s adventurous, chivalrous, and funny. He has always been my #1 fan and I his. We’re a true team.
  • My power suit is: Black pants, a button down, tall pumps, and my long vintage Chanel necklace that I found in New Orleans.
  • Every morning I: Kiss my two little ones good morning and sing them a song called “Good Morning to You”. They are 7 and 4. 
  • Favorite Biossance product:  My favorite product right now is our newest launch!  The NEW Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask is heaven.  I have oily skin so it helps keep my skin clear and isn’t drying.

  • Name: Mimi Lu
  • Job title (quick ‘in your words’ blurb explaining what you do): Director, Product Development and Product Marketing. I look at trends, innovations and technologies to see what new product ideas align with our brand in addition to what product enhancements can be made.  Then I work with our team to feed the brand’s innovation pipeline and help plan launch schedules. 
  • I wish I could tell my younger self: To stop and enjoy the moment more.  I’m a checklist maker and tend to focus on accomplishing the next task or goal.  Having kids helped me realize I sometimes need to stop planning for the next check box to complete and be okay with just doing nothing.
  • Your fight song: Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger.  She’s an amazing singer and really stays true to who she is and not what the industry wants her to be.  The song motivates me whenever I am having an extra tough day where a lot of things seem to be going wrong.
  • Best life decision you've made so far: Working at a small, entrepreneurial company after business school.  The experience I have gained wearing multiple hats, learning so many aspects of the business and making an impact on the brand’s growth was invaluable. 
  • What International Women's Day means to me: For me it’s about being a role model for my two girls and all the other young women out in the world.  Showing them that you can be a strong, smart, funny, caring or whoever you want to be and you are not restricted to some of the stereotypes that still exist in our society.  We are continuing to pave the way so that the future generations don’t have to worry about boundaries or limits to their future potential.  It’s about inspiring and supporting each other with all the amazing things we have accomplished so far and will continue to accomplish in the future.
  • Favorite Biossance product:  My favorite is the Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial. I love the multi-faceted approach this products takes to exfoliation.  It has the AHA’s plus mineral spheres as a mechanical exfoliator to really help polish my skin to a soft and smooth feel.  Plus, I find it to be one of the most hydrating exfoliators I have tried.  My complexion just seems more even, luminous and plump after I use it.

  • Name: Camila Farnezi
  • Job title (quick ‘in your words’ blurb explaining what you do): Sales, Marketing & Education Director at Biossance Latin America. I represent Biossance in Brazil and Mexico along with a wonderful team that is responsible for education, marketing and sales  with the mission of expanding Biossance in Latin America, disseminating good to people and the planet through our products.
  • Advice that helped me realize my vision: My mother always says: Thought comes in pairs. There is always a positive thought saying that it can work and another saying that maybe not. Always choose positive thinking. What you believe will come true. The law of the mind is relentless.
  • I wish I could tell my younger self: study languages ​​so you can touch the universe of many people.
  • A woman you admire, and why: Zilda Arns Neumann. Recognized as one of the greatest humanitarian in Brazil, she was a very important pediatrician for reducing child mortality in Brazil and in the world. Zilda died in Haiti in 2010, a victim of the earthquake that decimated the country that year.
  • Best life decision you've made so far: Have 3 beautiful children. Being a mother helped me be better and always observe, respect and be interested in each other's universe.
  • Favorite Biossance product: Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer / I have a history of rosacea in the family and seeing my son's face improve 100% after including the Squalane + Probiotic Gel in his routine after years of treatment with medicines, it was almost a miracle.
Mollie Jensen

Mollie Jensen
Mollie Jensen


My lifelong obsession with the world of beauty started at an early age and kicked off right out of high school as a makeup artist. My dreams of being the next big thing in Hollywood took a detour as I discovered esthetics and became fascinated with how the skin functions. From there I worked post-operatively with patients in a burn trauma unit, helping them care for their skin and conceal their scars. This led to product formulation and the world of aromatherapy where I began my career in product development. As a consultant for several years working with many startups, I quickly became the go-to in helping launch and rebrand product lines, my specialties in product formulation, regulatory compliant copywriting and building cohesive brand personalities. My love of natural and sustainable beauty led me to Biossance, where I happily reside as Senior Marketing Manager for new product development.

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