How to Mix 100% Squalane Oil with Makeup

by Dana Long March 06, 2017

How to Mix 100% Squalane Oil with Makeup

Aries by nature, I love a good challenge. But besides that, I'm a beauty junkie and lover of all things girly, sparkly, and fuzzy. Previously I've worked at Kiss Nails, Shiseido, and MAC Cosmetics, and then as the Partnerships and Promotions Manager here at Biossance. So when I was asked to write a blog post about the many ways to use the 100% Squalane Oil with makeup, I was game.

Did you know our 100% Squalane Oil is made of just one single ingredient, squalane? It's a common cosmetic emollient found in a lot of beauty products, so mixing it with makeup actually makes a lot of sense. Let me break down some of the ways we use it, and why.

How to: 100% Squalane Oil with Makeup

It Starts With Great Skin. Really.

Don't get me wrongI love colorbut the secret to great makeup is great skin. Healthy skin means smoother makeup application, and you won't have to do as much color correcting. Our 100% Squalane Oil is a great place to start if you're just beginning your skin regimen or if you're a pro looking for a great primer.

Makeup Not War: Why I Love Using 100% Squalane Oil with My Makeup

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like leaving the house without any makeup on. Some people grab a jacket, I grab my makeup favorites. Here's how I use 100% Squalane Oil with my makeup.


After the important step of cleansing and applying my skincare products, I start with 100% Squalane Oil as a primer before layering on makeup. Unfortunately, “most primers these days are silicone-based, and no shade, but they are not right for everyone.”* No joke, I found that using 100% Squalane Oil as a primer is fantasticno added fillers or pore clogging ingredients. Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno agrees, saying it imparts "that beautiful glow to skin, allowing makeup to glide over it flawlessly, with none of the bad stuff."


That liquid foundation? Mix the 100% Squalane Oil right in using a brush or makeup sponge and apply to your skin. Squalane, the only ingredient in 100% Squalane Oil, is a super common oil in makeup in general, so adding it in is totally natural and will make your makeup that much more hydrating.


Our team was having breakfast this morning and we were just talking about how important eyebrows arenot only are they super on-trend, brows frame the face. Some members of our team love using 100% Squalane Oil as a brow gel and conditioner. Not only does it keep brows nice and groomed, but it conditions the hairs. Just like the hair on your head, your brows need that!


My favorite way to use it, I love to finish my look by dabbing on a little to my cheekbones over my blush in lieu of a bronzer and I continue this throughout the day. Hello J.LO! 

*Source: xovain  



Dana Long

Dana Long
Dana Long


Perhaps you're a beauty addict and subscribe to Glossybox, or maybe you're a dedicated shopper of Gilt. Whatever it is–you may have seen our samples included in various co-branding opportunities. I’m Dana, Partnerships and Promotions Manager, and making those things happen is my day to day. It's nice to meet you! Aries by nature, I love a good challenge. I'm a beauty junkie and lover of all things girly, sparkly, and fuzzy. A constant day dreamer, I’ve traveled the world from my desk a few times and back. Previously of Kiss Nails, Shiseido, and MAC Cosmetics.

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