How Fermented Skincare Ingredients Benefit Your Skin And The Planet

by Christine Tusher December 12, 2022

Vitamin C Rose Moisturizer with Lemon Peel and Vitamin C

Human beings have known that fermented ingredients are good for our health for thousands of years. But while we’ve long understood that foods like kimchi and yogurt can promote a healthier gut, we’re just discovering that fermented skincare ingredients can also be good for your skin.

The trend, which has its roots in Korean Beauty, utilizes microorganisms to break down skincare ingredients into different compounds within a lab environment. Recently, fermented skincare ingredients have made the jump into Western beauty products with starring roles in some of beauty’s buzziest formulas.

Keep reading to learn how fermented skincare ingredients can help your beauty products work better and help you get your healthiest skin ever.

How Are Fermented Ingredients Used In Skincare?

“Fermented ingredients in skincare are created when microorganisms, such as bacteria, break down ingredients into different compounds, making them more potent,” says Biossance Director of Product Marketing + Strategy Celeste Schreier.

Fermented skincare ingredients usually start as natural, plant-based ingredients such as lemon peels or sugarcane, which are then transformed by yeast or bacteria to form compounds that benefit the skin.

How Fermented Beauty Products Benefit The Skin

“Fermented ingredients result in probiotics or postbiotics which can help support the skin’s barrier, reducing skin inflammation and sensitivity,” says Celeste. “Studies have shown that the skin absorbs fermented ingredients more effectively with a greater effect to the microbiome.”

Some scientists believe that fermented skincare ingredients boost skincare formulas by:

  • Increasing ingredient penetration
  • Helping to increase ingredient concentration
  • Prolonging moisturization benefits
  • Increasing antioxidant activity

    100% Squalane Oil with overflow and Sugarcane

    How Biossance Uses Fermented Skincare Ingredients


    Biossance’s superhero hydrator, Squalane, is a perfect example of how fermentation can transform one ingredient into an entirely different compound. 

    For generations, beauty products were fortified with squalane - an exceptional moisturizer naturally found in human skin - at the cost of millions of sharks, harvested for their squalene-rich livers. Our team of UC Berkeley scientists discovered how to engineer a plant-based version of squalene - called squalane -  from fermenting sustainable sugarcane and yeast, similar to how beer and wine have been made for hundreds of years. 

    This new, ethically-sourced and vegan squalane is a molecular match for the moisture found in our skin. Not only does it penetrate deeply to deliver lasting moisture, it helps our other ingredients work better, too.

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    Fermented Lemon Peel Ingredient in Skincare

    Fermented Lemon Peel

    Our new Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Moisturizer includes a breakthrough brightener that gets its powerful potency through the fermentation process.

    “The fermented lemon peel in our new Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Moisturizer is a potent ingredient that’s been proven to have stronger brightening capabilities than leading chemical brighteners on the market,” says Celeste.

    Fermented lemon peel provides antioxidant support to the skin, helping to improve the look of uneven skin tone and  prevent signs of discoloration. In consumer surveys, 100% of participants agreed that their skin looked instantly brighter and more radiant upon application. 

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    Christine Tusher

    Christine Tusher
    Christine Tusher


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