Why Expecting & New Moms Love Biossance

by Irene B. May 05, 2017

Hi, I’m Irene, the Biossance Brand Manager and new mom in town. My skincare regimen took a pretty drastic turn once I became pregnant (have you heard of our Blacklist?) so I’m here to share my mom-to-be and new mom beauty secrets.

  1. It all starts with healthy skin, so make sure you’re properly hydrated. I have water bottles everywhere – in my car, in my purse, and whether I’m thirsty or not, I chug 8oz of water everyday the moment I wake up. Once you are nursing, water will be even more key so just reach for the H2O whenever you can!
  2. 100% Squalane Oil: This Godsend is an all-in-one body moisturizer that is made of just one ingredient, squalane. For an ingredient that has been well known for decades in Asian countries (it’s no newcomer to Korean skincare – even my 60 year old dad knew exactly what it was,) there is very little education around it in the U.S. Once I became pregnant, I made sure to moisturize my body (particularly my growing belly) religiously after showering and this was better than any stretch mark cream on the market that I’ve tried. Not only was I stretch mark free post baby, but it helped alleviate itchy skin, especially during the last trimester. I buy this for all my pregnant friends and it makes for the perfect baby shower gift to pamper the mom-to-be.
  3. Korean Bath Mitten: This is a well-known Korean beauty secret that would be considered the equivalent to a loofah, but much more effective and made of natural fibers. This square shaped mitten, though small, is quite a heavy lifter when used correctly. Your skin will be the best prepped after soaking in a warm tub, then you use this mitt to exfoliate all your dead skin cells and clear pores. I wouldn’t recommend it for your face because it can feel a bit harsh, but it is an amazing way to slough off dead skin and your skin will feel baby soft afterwards.
  4. Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil: This face oil was my lifesaver post-baby. Once baby arrived, I had zero time for any sort of skincare regimen (I mean it was a good day if I managed to shower and brush my teeth!) What I loved about this oil is that I never felt like I had to sacrifice efficacy for a safe product. My skincare routine consisted of washing my face and then massaging a few drops of the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil on my face. That’s it. That’s all I had time for, but I still got compliments that I was glowing, so something was clearly working! My skin always felt amazing and had this dewiness to it that was out of this world.

Squalane Pregnancy Safety

The best part about these products is knowing that they are all non-toxic and both safe for me and baby. I can snuggle my chunky monkey and not worry that I might be irritating his skin which is a major win-win all around for me.





Irene B.

Irene B.
Irene B.


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