2 Days of Science, Skincare and Sustainability

by Michelle McComb November 22, 2017

2017 has been a year of immense growth for us at Biossance, and one of the most incredible parts of this has been all of the love and support from beauty, fitness and lifestyle bloggers who reach out to us because they genuinely love our products. So we wanted to invite some of these friends of Biossance to our headquarters in Emeryville, CA to learn about how their favorite products are produced—plus treat them to a little pampering. Watch the recap video, then read on to learn even more!

It all started in our labs… Biossance’s parent company, Amyris, develops renewable products that are better for the planet, including our hero ingredient squalane. We’re so fortunate to work alongside the scientists behind these innovations at our headquarters. Senior Scientist Judith Denery led a tour of the labs and even previewed an upcoming addition to the Biossance line straight from the beaker.

Love & lab coats @oliamajd of Love, Olia

L: The bloggers (L to R): @oliamajd, @fakerstrom, @thoughtfulmisfit, @prettylittlefawn, @sydneyliann, @wendyslookbook, @9to5chic  |  R: @oliamajd of Love, Olia in her custom lab coat

After learning about how our products are created, we wanted to let our guests develop something themselves. Our mix masters blended their own 100% Squalane Oil with essential oils to make custom scents that not only smell great, but also offer therapeutic benefits. The best part? These limited-edition custom blends are available for purchase as part of our Giving Tuesday efforts. 

 Blending time! All blended

Then it was off to Sephora in San Francisco, where the girls were treated to mini facials featuring Biossance products before heading to a dreamy, delicious dinner at Central Kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission District. This locally-sourced meal was the perfect way to unwind and connect after our whirlwind day.

The following morning, we made our way from the East Bay to Half Moon Bay, complete with an obligatory stop at Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch. After gallivanting amongst the gourds, we made it to the gorgeous Ritz Carlton with scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. It was a relaxing day with massages and makeovers by celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno, who uses exclusively nontoxic and clean beauty products. Needless to say, everyone definitely got their glow on.

 Pumpkin time! Katey working her magic

We rounded out this perfect 2-day event with a stunning sunset dinner. A delicious meal was paired with lively discussion about Biossance's roots and our goals for sharing our No Compromise approach as we continue to grow. It was truly a pleasure to have these inspiring women join us and share in the exciting journey we're on.

Look for each blogger's custom blend of 100% Squalane Oil + Essential Oils launching 11/28 for Giving Tuesday.

Michelle McComb

Michelle McComb
Michelle McComb


I’m what I like to call a beauty “holy grail seeker”, which means I own 150+ nude/pink shades of lipstick and am still on the hunt for the best one. When it comes to skincare, I believe in real ingredients that actually work, not marketing fluff. In my free time, I perform in musicals and play Pickleball. Previously of ipsy and K&L Wines.

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