Clean Beauty Takes on D.C.

We've teamed up with over a dozen natural skincare and cosmetic brands to form the Counteract Coalition, an alliance of clean beauty brands that support the Personal Care Products Safety Act introduced by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan Collins (R-ME). Last month, representatives from each Counteract Coalition brand headed to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers to lobby on behalf of this crucial legislation.

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Nontoxic Relationships

We take your clean beauty seriously. Which is why we’ve partnered with two organizations dedicated to uncovering the truth about toxic ingredients in your beauty products: EWG® and Think Dirty.®
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Sephora’s SDCA 2017 Event: We Got Lifted in Las Vegas

In August, we had the honor to be asked to participate in Sephora’s Store Director Conference of the Americas (SDCA), one of the most important conferences of the year for Sephora’s store directors and field leadership.
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Rewind: #2000Reasons Why Our Community Turns For the Better

Back in June, we gave you 5 reasons why you should care about what’s in your skincare products. The key takeaway? It’s just as important to think about what goes on your body as what goes in it. We encouraged you to turn the box over and know what you’re putting on your skin.
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Beyond Beauty: Living Greener + Cleaner

We hope our recent clean beauty blog posts and Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet have been valuable resources in navigating the (often complicated) world of clean beauty. But why stop there? Think about all the things you come in contact with every day (Laundry soap! Your clothes! Water bottles!) From fashion to feminine care, learn about ways to make your life just a bit greener and cleaner from our like-minded brand friends.
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