Vitamin C

Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

Visibly evens and brightens with stable Vitamin C

New Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask

Tighten and Visibly Brighten

Our Squalane Story

Before Biossance, the only way to get squalane was to harvest it from shark livers (unsustainable and unjust) or from plants, such as olives (unstable and unreliable). We knew there had to be a better, safer way, so we set out to find it.

Our Amyris biotechnology scientists spent years in the laboratories in pursuit of producing mega-moisturizing squalane as safely and effectively as the body already does. The breakthrough: sugarcane-derived squalane, biology’s best moisturizer.

Every drop is made from sugarcane from Brazil—a naturally renewable plant that doesn’t need to be irrigated or harvested. It’s highly stable, completely sustainable and best of all, safe for both you and our planet.

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